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Azande or Yanda wooden Figure - D.C.R.

Azande or Yanda wooden Figure - D.C.R.

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Beautiful Azande shrine figure with great patina

Figures among the Azande (Zande) known as Yanda, served to represent ancestral or protective spirits who looked over the members of an Azande cult known as Mani (This cult was also shared by close neighbors the Mangbetu). Figures either carved of wood or shaped out of clay were used by senior male members of Mani, known as Bandakpa, to cure illnesses, forestall spells or to cast spells or attach a witch to an enemy.

  • Height 40 cm.
  • Second half of the 20th Century
  • Wood and sacrificial material
  • Fair condition, used with visible signs of wear
  • Source Africadirect :